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2013-12-21 Broadcast Radio and Television Valves, Transistors and Picture Tubes - 1960 Data Booklet - Export Edition. 16,662,267 bytes
(Types in above booklet: 10C1, 10C14, 10C2, 10D2, 10F1, 10F18, 10F3, 10F9, 10FD12, 10L1, 10L14, 10LD11, 10LD12, 10LD13, 10LD3, 10M1, 10M2, 10P13, 10P14, 10P18, 10PL12, 1C1, 1C2, 1C3, 1F1, 1F2, 1F3, 1FD1, 1FD9, 1M1, 1P1, 1P10, 1P11, 20D1, 20F2, 20L1, 20P1, 20P3, 20P4, 20P5, 30C1, 30C15, 30F5, 30FL1, 30L1, 30L15, 30P12, 30P16, 30P18, 30P19, 30P4, 30PL1, 30PL13, 6/30L2, 6C10, 6C12, 6C31, 6C9, 6D1, 6D2, 6D3, 6F1, 6F11, 6F12, 6F13, 6F14, 6F15, 6F18, 6F19, 6F23, 6FD12, 6K25, 6L1, 6L12, 6L13, 6L18, 6L19, 6L34, 6LD12, 6LD13, 6LD20, 6LD3, 6M1, 6M2, 6P1, 6P15, 6P25, 6P26, 6P28, AC/2HL, AC/HL, AC/HLDD, AC/PEN, AC/SGVM, AC/TH1, AC/TP, AC/VP1, AC/VP2, AC2/PEN, AC2/PENDD, AC4/PEN, AC5/PEN, AC5/PENDD, CME1402, CME141, CME1702, CME1703, CME1705, CME2101, CRM121B, CRM122, CRM123, CRM124, CRM141, CRM142, CRM143, CRM144, CRM151, CRM152B, CRM153, CRM171, CRM172, CRM173, CRM211, CRM212, CRM71, CRM91, CRM92A, CRM93, D1, DAF91, DAF96, DD41, DF91, DF92, DF96, DK91, DK96, DL92, DL94, DL96, DM71, EABC80, EB91, EBC41, EBC81, EBC90, EBF80, EBF89, EC91, EC92, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, ECC85, ECH35, ECH42, ECH81, ECL80, ECL82, EF41, EF80, EF85, EF86, EF89, EF91, EL84, EM35, EM80, EM81, EM85, EY51, EY86, EZ40, EZ80, EZ81, HL133DD, HL23, HL23DD, HL41, HL41DD, HL42DD, ME41, ME91, P41, P61, PCC84, PCF80, PCF82, PCL82, PCL83, PEN220, PEN25, PEN383, PEN384, PEN44, PEN45, PEN453DD, PEN45DD, PEN46, PENDD4020, PL36, PL81, PL82, PL83, PP3/250, PP5/400, PY32, PY81, PY82, QP230, QP25, SP181, SP41, SP42, SP61, T41, TH2321, TH233, TH41, TP22, TP25, TP2620, U191, U192, U201, U22, U24, U25, U251, U26, U281, U282, U291, U301, U381, U4020, U403, U404, U801, UABC80, UBC41, UBC81, UBF89, UC92, UCC85, UCH42, UCH81, UCL82, UF89, UL41, UL84, UM35, UU10, UU12, UU5, UU6, UU7, UU8, UU9, UY41, UY85, VP1322, VP133, VP210, VP23, VP41)