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PHUNSY (Philipse Universal System) is a micro computer system with the Signetics 2650 CPU I designed and built around 1980. I just thought it's fun to have a web-page about it here. It shows how times have changed in a few decades.
The PHUNSY was copied by a few people. One of them is my friend Ben Postema who also documented the system. This documentation was also issued in the ECA (Eindhovense Computer Associatie) bulletin back then.
A big disadvantage of building your own hardware is the fact that there is not much software available. I had to write almost everything myself... The MicroWorld Basic Interpreter was adapted to run on the PHUNSY.
Note: The Phunsy is not a game computer.
Additional Info (updated 2014-04-05)
- Original documentation (in Dutch): phunsy.pdf
- Original PHUNSY roms This archive contains the 4 eproms and the 2 character proms.
- MDCR Service Manual
- New PHUNSY documentation. Some additional notes about the PHUNSY as the original manual has several items described differently or incorrect. Probably the original manual was about older versions of the hard- and software. (updated 2010-11-28)
- I wrote a PHUNSY 2650 Emulator just for fun... It is a command-window application so it works from cmd.exe. It emulates the 2650, the video screen and the MDCR. It can trace code for debugging 2650 programs. See the new PHUNSY documentation for a description. Some MDCR cassette files are included. The video screen is emulated with the help of Jan Wilmans! For those interested, here is the source: PHUNSY 2650 Emulator Source
- MicroWorld Basic Manual. This basic interpreter works on the PHUNSY. (video)
- Source code of the monitor, the MDCR software and some more.
The PHUNSY with the Philips MDCR (mini digital casette recorder) at the left.
CPU Board with 2650 cpu, 2KB eprom and 2KB ram.
Interface Board for keyboard, MDCR, audio cassette recorder and TTY.
Video diplay board.
Banked memory for 4x 2KB rom and 4x 2KB ram
Dynamic ram board, 8KB.This was the prototype for the next 2 boards.
Dynamic ram board, 32KB (2 banks of 16KB)
Dynamic ram board, 128KB (8 banks of 16KB)
Harddisk Controller with DMA
Board for 16 bits i/o (bidirectional suitable for 24 V).
2716 programmer. Used with an exteder board.
some 2650 IC's
Phunsy-2 6809 micro computer.
This should have been my 2nd generation system. It had lots of features but I never finished it. The other side of the board has no wires;-) Just a bit later I had an Atari ST and it was no use completing this board as it was impossible to keep up with the fast growing technology. Although the 6809 cpu never really made it, I still think this was one of the greates 8-bit cpu's. The two missing IC's on the board should have functioned as collor look-up table for the video signal.